Saturday, 13 December 2008

Interview in Cinco Dias "The Infinite Dial" of online radio

Feature about Online Radio from excellent Spanish publication Cindo Dias.

CLICK HERE for the Spanish PDF or HERE for an english translation.

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Grant Goddard said...

Hi Oisin
Thanks for highlighting this really interesting article that sets out the radical changes now taking place in the way we are listening to radio. The latest figures for UK internet radio listening released by RAJAR this week demonstrate that the IP platform is growing as a supplement to broadcast radio. Non-linear radio (listen again, podcasts, personalised radio, etc) is gaining usage and, I am sure (like other technologies before it) will eventually extend beyond the early adopting young male demographics to the rest of the wired population. For those of us who find a lot of traditional broadcast radio to be uninspiring, this must be great news. I have written something about the new RAJAR data at and welcome feedback on this and similar developments in radio.
Cheers, Grant