Saturday, 21 July 2007

Interoute Express. Fast, friendly, file delivery, for free!

Aside from being someone who lives for music, I work with the company behind a big part of the infrastructure used for online distribution of music and digital media, Interoute.

Interoute is a Next Generation Network (NGN) owner and operator, and my role is managing the portfolio of
Online Distribution and Media Products. This covers streaming, CDN services, secure music environments, and more.

So... I get to work with some very cool new technology, and
Interoute Express is one of the most interesting products we have launched this year, check it out!

Interoute Express is the great new way to send large files directly from your desktop, and its FREE to download and use.

Interoute Express is an alternative to attaching large files to emails. Instead, it transfers files to a secure, managed delivery platform almost instantly, allowing you to send a unique automatically generated link in your email.

It’s easier than FTP and means no more issues with oversized email attachments or crashing inboxes. Simply select, upload, compose and hit send with Interoute Express.

here to get your FREE copy of Interoute Express now (PC only upload application, but anyone can receive files from Express).

PS - we might include some of your feedback on our website (with a link back to your website URL if appropriate) so let me know if you don't want your feedback published for any reason.



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